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8th October, WednesdayReblog
Please don’t text and drive. I was taken away on a body board while my best friend was left standing in the middle of the highway with a jerk who clearly had no remorse for what he did. Stay safe on the roads.

Please don’t text and drive. I was taken away on a body board while my best friend was left standing in the middle of the highway with a jerk who clearly had no remorse for what he did. Stay safe on the roads.

2nd July, WednesdayReblog

So the other day I was getting out of the shower and leaned out too far. I slipped on my back foot and fell. My head collided with the towel bar next to the shower on the wall and this pretty thing happened. They didn’t want to stitch it so they just glued it. I think they should have stitched it because the glue is coming off already after only 2 days and it’s bleeding. Doctors know best though, ha!

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15th June, SundayReblog
I will be selling a black hooded sweatshirt with the word “Payne” on the back in silver letters - worn and signed by Liam Payne - to the highest bidder. Message me for details! 8th June, SundayReblog
Would anyone want to buy a hooded sweatshirt from me that Liam Payne wore and signed?



bellaasjeans how much would something like that sell for? Hahaha

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8th June, SundayReblog
Would anyone want to buy a hooded sweatshirt from me that Liam Payne wore and signed? 8th June, SundayReblog
Dan + Shay: Where It All Began - Liam Payne Imagines Challenge

So, I’ve been listening to Dan + Shay’s new album over and over since it first came out and I’ve come up with a lot of Liam fiction ideas for the entire album. I’ve decided that I’m going to challenge myself to write a little one shot/imagine for each of the songs on the album. I’ll post the updates here and on the masterlist =) 

Where It All Began

Show You Off
Stop Drop + Roll
19 You + Me
What You Do To Me
Can’t Say No
First Time Feeling
Nothin’ Like You
Somewhere Only We Know
Parking Brake
I Heard Goodbye
Party Girl
Close Your Eyes

26th May, MondayReblog
Last First Kiss: For Maddie

Every since Sophia and I broke up, I had always had this dark cloud hanging over my head, this sort of disparaging feeling that would only allow me to feel like I was okay for a moment or two and then I would be back to my old ways - drinking, crying, holding out for the moment when she would change her mind and forgive me for ending things. Then I met her.

Maddie was a ray of sunshine from the moment I saw her standing across the beach with her best friend Gabby. I don’t know what it was about her that made me want to just walk across the hot sand and say hi, but I did it and I will never regret that. Every single day for the last month, I’ve done nothing but pour all of my time and energy into this girl and I can’t make myself hate it. No matter how many nightmares I still have about Sophia, no matter now many drinks I pour and never end up drinking, all of the time spent with Maddie will always trump that.

So today, we are standing in the blinding July sun in the middle of Los Angeles, wet suits soaked and there is a smile on my face. I flip my dripping hair out of my face and look at her - my saving grace. She’s giggling and fiddling around with the strap that tethers her green and hot pink surfboard to her ankle. Today, she wanted surf lessons. I had let her know very bluntly that I wasn’t going to take it easy on her if she was serious about learning this taxing sport. In truth, I was taking it as easy as I possibly could because I couldn’t bear to do anything to her that would cause pain.

"All right, Maddie!" I call to her as she paddles back out and I slosh into the white foam, "Nice and easy, just like I showed you. That’s it!" She squeals loudly as a small wave of salt water splashes into her face. I smirk and shake my head.

"Come on, Mad!"

A voice carries to me from the beach and I peek behind myself for a moment to see Maddie’s best friend, Gabby, lounging in the soft sand with the long haired and baby-faced Harry Styles, who always seemed to be tagging along, but never joining in the festivities. Not that I think that ever bothered Gabby, as she was usually the one he hung out with on the outings.

I take a deep breath and look back just as Maddie grabs the front of the board and jumps to her feet suddenly. The water crashes over her and without warning she’s thrown from the surfboard and falls face first into the water, receiving a mouthful of it. I purse my lips and watch as she resurfaces, spluttering and spitting out the saltiness. She glares at me and I can’t help but giggle.

"I’m never going to get this!" she cries and slaps the water hard with her open hands.

"Aw come on," I coddle, "It just takes practice. You’ll get it in no time. I promise." She continues to glare at me and the tether on her ankle catches the board and it floats back to her, conking her on the side of her head. I slap my hand over my mouth to hold back a burst of laughter and she sighs, standing up, but I catch the ghost of a smile on her lips. Her next try isn’t much more successful than the last, but she keeps trying for all she’s worth.

It goes on like this for the rest of the afternoon: paddling, jumping up, falling, spluttering, words of wisdom, and another try. It goes well into the evening, when the sun is setting, and after Gabby and Harry have bid us both farewell to go have dinner some place on the boardwalk. I’m standing in the surf again, watching Maddie, exhausted with exertion, climb onto her board over and over and fall just as much. I’m starting to get hungry, but I’m not going to tell her that. I don’t want to ruin this moment, watching her in the setting sun, her hair slick with salt-water, trying to catch the perfect wave; but my stomach is becoming uncomfortably tight with its growling and churning.

Finally, finally, I watch her lift her legs under herself, pushing her body into the standing position on the board and she doesn’t fall. She rides the wave, on and on, until she’s gliding toward me, a look of glee on her face. Without warning, the board catches the shoreline and she falls sideways from it, crashing directly into my chest, causing me to stumble backward. I wrap my arms around her to keep her from hitting the ground and she giggles loudly.

"I did it!" she shouts into my face, my arms still around her, "I surfed! That was so awesome!" She looks up at me and I smirk at her.

"You did," I tell her, "Good job." She grins at me.

"Thank you so much for teaching me, Liam!" she says, "This has been the best day ever." I smile at her again, silently agreeing in my head, and without warning, before I know what I’m doing, I press my lips down into hers. At first there’s nothing, no return. But then her mouth folds into mine and it’s wild, slow, sweet, and earth-shattering - our first kiss. And as I pull away from her and watch her smile in the sunset, her eyes shining, I can’t help but hope that it’s my last first kiss.

26th May, MondayReblog
Someone asked me to write them a Liam Payne fan fiction and I cannot remember her name. She asked me to write her an imagine where Liam is teaching her to surf (with a friend named Gabby). If this is you, please message me so I can get your name to add into the story! I don’t want to leave you hanging! 25th May, SundayReblog
I’m 104 followers away from my first thousand. I would LOVE it if my followers would share my page and stories with their friends! You guys rock my world! Also, I just posted a masterlist to all of my stories =) 25th May, SundayReblog
All You Ever Wanted: Masterlist

All You Ever Wanted

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12
Chapter 13
Chapter 14
Chapter 15
Chapter 16

25th May, SundayReblog
Before You Leave Me: Masterlist

Before You Leave Me

chapter 1
chapter 2
chapter 3
chapter 4
chapter 5
chapter 6
chapter 7
chapter 8
chapter 9
chapter 10
chapter 11
chapter 12
chapter 13
chapter 14
chapter 15
chapter 16
chapter 17

25th May, SundayReblog
Liam Payne Imagines: Masterlist of all stories

Hey everyone! I’ve gotten a lot of requests for there to be a masterlist to all of my stories, so here it is!

One Shots

Imagine #1
I Drive Your Truck
Take Me Out of this World
Cold; The Anniversary
Untitled <-/- Dirty
All That You Wanted
No Air <-/- Dirty
"Damn That Felt Good."
"I love you, too."
Where’d You Go?
Bottom’s Up <-/- Dirty
Last First Kiss

Chaptered Stories

Before You Leave Me
All You Ever Wanted

25th May, SundayReblog
All You Ever Wanted: Epilogue - One Year Later

Liam took a deep breath, looking at the floor. He was standing on stage in the middle of London. The last time he’d been on this stage, he’d walked off during a sound check and hadn’t returned. Everything about that day and the day following would never leave his mind. Sitting in the hospital waiting room…waiting…waiting for something, anything that would tell him that his reason for being, his reason for existing would still be there. He grabbed the microphone.

“Before I start this next song,” he said, “I want to share something with all of you. November 2013 was a month that completely changed my life. My life has been a whirlwind of emotions since then because of someone that I would spend my life fighting for.” He looked across the stage to see her standing in the stage door, shaking her head at him, smirking. He grinned at her.

“Come here,” he told her. She shook her head again and walked out onto the stage, smiling at the crowd that already knew her name. He stood in front of her, only inches from her face. He smiled at her, taking her hand in the one of his that wasn’t holding the microphone.

“This song is kind of about telling somebody, ‘Yes, we’ve been together for a while and everything about us makes sense. And figuring out everything that makes the perfect relationship and this is it. This is what I’ve been dreaming about;’” he smiled at her and she chuckled, “But also, ‘Beyond telling you all the things that I’ve told you. And beyond telling you that I need you and I can’t live without you, I feel like I need to tell you that I just want to be with you and nothing will ever come between us.’” She smirked at him and he bit his lip for a moment. Niall cleared his throat behind him. Liam chuckled.

“When I wrote this song,” he started, looking at her more seriously, “I didn’t realize that I was writing it about you.” She laughed. He smiled at her.

“I asked Niall a few weeks ago how it was that he knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with Alex,” he informed her, “He told me that it’s all the little things that matter.” She smirked at him.

“Like what?” she asked and he laughed.

“All those little things, like the way your eyes sparkle when the sun gets too bright,” he said, “The way your nose wrinkles when you laugh - and I mean a real laugh, not that fake giggle you give everyone else.” She scoffed and then chuckled incredulously. He laughed with her.

“The way you smile when you think no one is watching,” he said, getting suddenly serious, “All those goofy faces you make when you want someone to think you don’t understand - just like that!” He laughed as she pulled a face as if she had no idea what he was talking about. She grinned.

“That gentle, but fierce emotion I can hear in your voice when you sing,” he told her, “The fact that it doesn’t matter what I’m talking about or how long I’ve been talking, you always seem be genuinely interested in everything that is coming out of my mouth, even though you’ve fallen asleep on me a time or two. That only seems to happen during games, though. Weird.” The crowd in front of them laughed. She smirked at him.

“And most of all, how much you truly care about everybody around you,” he said, looking into her eyes. She gave him a small, sincere smile. He took a deep breath and plowed on.

“I live for little things like that,” he told her, “I know it doesn’t seem like this could have been completely thought-through and I know we haven’t been together that long, but I don’t want to wake up another day without you there.” She smiled at him and nodded at him, letting him know that she felt the same. And then, beyond anything that she could have ever imagined he’d do, he fell to one knee in front of her. She gasped loudly, throwing her hand to her mouth. Tears filled her eyes.

“Azlynn,” he said, holding a black velvet box out to her, “Will you marry me?” She looked at the ring in front of her and tears started to pour from her eyes. She nodded frantically at him.

“Yes,” she gasped through tears. He grinned at her and pulled the ring from the box, standing up. He slipped it onto her finger and then pulled her into his arms, hugging her. She broke into a sob in his chest. He was laughing at her. He grabbed her face in his hands and didn’t bother speaking into the microphone this time.

“I love you so much,” he told her. She smiled and sniffed.

“I love you, too,” she told him and he kissed her. With that, he grabbed his Martin and put his microphone back onto its stand.

“This is called ‘You & I,’” he grinned and started to play the acoustic guitar with Niall.

The end.

7th May, WednesdayReblog